Growing a Chilli Plant from Seed

Posted on August 19, 2019 at 10:12 pm

Chilli plants can be bought as established plants, but if you prefer, they can be grown from seed as well. This is a good way of growing a plant that is thriving and healthy from the start, with the guarantee that it has been well looked after all its life. If you buy a chilli plant from a garden centre or shop, it will not necessarily have been well cared for before this and will therefore not be as likely to grow well – and produce lots of chillies!

When you are selecting seeds, look at the conditions they will need to grow. For example, Thai chilli plants need lots of sunlight and water to be in good health. Look at the best types of soil to grow them in, and the best times of year to plant the seeds. You can technically grow chilli plants all year round but there are certain times when they will produce chillies

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Questions and Answers about Dahlias

Posted on April 1, 2019 at 11:30 pm

Dahlias offer gardeners beauty in the form of their varying colours, number of blooms and unique shapes. From yellows to purples to rich blues and pinks, dahlias come in many varieties to be experimented with. Growing dahlia bulbs can be a rewarding and colourful experience for your garden. They are a popular UK flower to grow in gardens and courtyards, not just because of their colourful appearance, but also because they are easy to grow. They will flower for an extended period of time and will take very easily, making them a favourite amongst amateur gardeners and keen green-fingered gardeners alike.

If you haven’t grown dahlias before and you are wondering if it will be possible in your garden, here are some of the most commonly asked questions and the answers you need to know.

What do dahlias look like?

Dahlias are related to sunflowers, daisies, zinnia and chrysanthemums. They are most often described as looking most like daisies, but in a range of vibrant colours. The beauty of dahlias is in their variety; they come in many colours. So if you want to grow them, you can find a variety in a colour that you prefer.

Can you cut dahlias?

Dahlias are a popular cut flower. Once they are blooming, you can cut them for use in bouquets. Choose flowers that are just starting to open, so they will last longer. You should cut them using secateurs or scissors, horizontally across the stem. The best time of day to cut flowers for bouquets is in the morning when it’s not as warm.

When should you plant dahlias?

Dahlias grow easily, but one of the things they are sensitive to is cold soil. Make sure there is no chance of a spring frost when you plant them – don’t rush the planting process.

Where can dahlias be grown?

Different varieties of dahlias will grow well in borders or in planters. Medium dahlias might be planted in borders along with a mix of perennials. You can get smaller varieties that will grow well in planters or perhaps in window boxes. Choose a sunny spot for your flowers, as they will produce more flowers if they have enough sun – usually 6-8 hours a day is recommended for the best results.

What kind of soil do dahlias need?

If possible, choose a loamy, sandy soil. You should dig a hole that is about 6 to 8 inches deep for planting. You might want to use some compost in the soil as well, and if it isn’t a well draining soil, perhaps use some gravel in the mix.

When will dahlias begin to bloom?

It will take about eight weeks after planting bulbs for the dahlias to begin growing. They will usually start to blossom in the middle of July. Dahlias will often continue to flower after other spring and summer flowering plants, keeping your garden colourful.

Do dahlias need fertilising?

You can use a low nitrogen fertiliser to help your flowers. Use every 3-4 weeks or so, after they have flowered.

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Should you Offer Delivery as a Florist?

Posted on January 24, 2019 at 11:22 pm

A delivery service is one of those things that could be the icing on the cake in terms of your floristry business, however it needs to be something that is incredibly well executed if it is going to work for you. If you choose to offer a delivery service, it needs to be good value for money and it needs to be something that is quick and convenient for your customers.

If you are going to offer delivery, you will need to make sure you have the right infrastructure in place. The logistics of the service will be the main thing you need to account for – the actual quality of the flowers and bouquets will, no doubt, be just the same, as you as an expert florist. Make sure you either have delivery drivers available within your business, or you partner with a delivery service that offers you a good service and decent value for money.

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Plants That Flower at Christmas

Posted on December 27, 2018 at 11:25 pm

Nothing is quite so festive as beautiful Christmas flowers. Brightening up your home with flowers during the festive season is a surefire way to make you feel more in the Christmas spirit, and to make your home look lovely if you are entertaining. There are some plants and flowers that are especially associated with Christmas and that will give your home a lift – here are some of the top ones:

  • Christmas cactus. This type of cactus will flower around Christmas time, creating beautiful pink blooms all over the plant. It will look festive sat in your windowsill.
  • Poinsettia. Few things are a festive as a poinsettia, with its vibrant read petals bringing in all the colours most associated with Christmas.
  • Conifers. Real-life Christmas trees, conifers can be bought and grown in pots, or they can be planted in the garden. Keep your Christmas tree all year round with a green leafy conifer.

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Buying your Gardening Goods from a Reputable Supplier

Posted on January 31, 2017 at 11:27 am

When you are buying items for your garden, it is so important that you get them from a reputable supplier. This will help to make sure that they stand the test of time and you don’t end up spending a lot of money just to be disappointed in your purchase.

This is especially important if you are buying items like turf, bulbs, flowers, trees or shrubs. It’s essential that these have been grown well so that they are healthy and ready to be planted. If you’re not careful, you could end up buying products that are mouldy or that don’t grow well in your garden. If is often hard to complain about these things, as it’s difficult to prove that they have been planted correctly and looked after in the right way.

Some of the best places to look are online, in garden centres and in depots belonging to local suppliers. You will be able to speak to them and see how well they know their products, as well as checking reviews to get an idea of quality.

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Presenting your Flowers Well

Posted on December 23, 2016 at 12:36 pm

It’s one thing to have beautiful flowers. It’s another to present them well and make them look stunning. This is a skill in itself, but you don’t need to be a trained florist to make sure your flowers look beautiful. Here are some things you should think about to get the mroses-1420719_1280ost out of your flowers:

  • What will they be used for? Are they purely to decorate a room, are they for an event or are they a gift? Think about the setting and how the types of flowers will fit in. For example, if you are choosing flowers for a bright room, maybe choose something like white roses or white lilies to make sure they don’t clash.
  • How will you arrange them? If this isn’t a skill you have perfected, try watching an online tutorial. This can be a great way to pick up some tips and learn more about how to arrange flowers in no time at all. It might take a little while to get it right, but keep practising.
  • How will your present the flowers? Some people prefer to simply be presented with a bouquet containing traditional flowers like freesias, peonies and sweetheart roses, whilst others prefer something more elaborate with ribbons, lace and other intricate additions.
  • What will the flowers be in? Make sure if you are giving somebody flowers that you have got an appropriate vase for them, or if they won’t be going into a vase, know how you are going to tie and present the bouquet. If they are going to be used in a centrepiece or similar, consider the size of the flowers you are using.

Flowers will look beautiful in many different types of bouquet and presentation. Play around with some ideas and be as creative as you like – it would be difficult to go too far and ruin the natural beauty of flowers.

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Choosing to Order your Flowers Online

Posted on November 30, 2016 at 4:17 pm

Many people now choose to order flowers online, which has its clear benefits. It’s quick, simple and means that you don’t have to take the time out to visit a florist in person. However, it can have its limitations and you should always be cautious. Here are some tips to follow if you decide that you want to order flowers online:

  • Check reviews of the florist. Do they have a good customer service record? Do they charge reasonable prices? Have people been happy with the flowers they have received?
  • Find out as much about the florist as you can. If you are able to, look at photos of their work. This should be quite simple if they have produced wedding bouquets – there will often be photographs on people’s blogs that are easily searchable.
  • Look at the florists’ website. Look out for photographs of work they have done, as this shows that they are willing to go to lots of effort and are proud of what they do. If they have just used stock photographs, you won’t be able to get any real idea of their abilities.
  • Be completely clear about what you want. If you love roses but hate peonies, make sure they know this. Tell them about your favourite flowers flowers-429041_1280and colours, and if you can, perhaps even show them some photographs of bouquets and flower arrangements that you like.
  • Tell the florist what the flowers are for. They will be able to choose flowers that are appropriate for the situation. For example, tulips and roses are often associated with love, whereas lilies are often used for funeral services.

Follow these tips to make sure you get beautiful flowers from online florists. You will be the recipient of a beautiful bouquet in no time at all.

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Flower Arranging – the Basics

Posted on October 31, 2016 at 4:32 pm

Many people want to learn how to arrange flowers. It’s a popular hobby to take up, and it’s easy to see why – you will gain a great sense of satisfaction from creating something so beautiful. Flower arranging is even a part of many prestigious events, such as the Royal Horticultural Society shows:

If flower arranging is something that you would like to try your hand at, read on. We have put together some tips, covering the basics so that you can hit the ground running with your new hobby.

  • This may sound obvious, but ensure that you have plenty of different vases to display your flowers in. It would be such a shame to create a beautiful bunch of flowers only to have nowhere to display them. Before you begin learning to arrange flowers, invest in a selection of vases, including vases of different colours as well as varying shapes and sizes.
  • Work with what is seasonal. Don’t go out of your way to source flowers that aren’t widely available at a particular time of year. Even if you do manage to find any, they probably won’t be of as high a quality.
  • Look at as many flower arrangements as you can. This is a rather pleasant part of the learning process – you get to peruse lots of lovely flowers and can enjoy displaying them in your home.
  • Attend a class. This is perhaps the best way for you to learn, as you’ll be able to observe the experts and get your information directly from them. You will learn lots of new techniques and will be able to get feedback directly on your designs.


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Wedding Flower Ideas

Posted on May 18, 2016 at 2:07 pm

A dear friend asked to put together some ideas for her wedding next September. The theme will have white and pink flowers and decorations as she loves anything that is pink! (like most of us!)

Romantic Pink


Powerful Red


Fresh Blue


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