Growing a Chilli Plant from Seed

Posted on August 19, 2019 at 10:12 pm

Chilli plants can be bought as established plants, but if you prefer, they can be grown from seed as well. This is a good way of growing a plant that is thriving and healthy from the start, with the guarantee that it has been well looked after all its life. If you buy a chilli plant from a garden centre or shop, it will not necessarily have been well cared for before this and will therefore not be as likely to grow well – and produce lots of chillies!

When you are selecting seeds, look at the conditions they will need to grow. For example, Thai chilli plants need lots of sunlight and water to be in good health. Look at the best types of soil to grow them in, and the best times of year to plant the seeds. You can technically grow chilli plants all year round but there are certain times when they will produce chillies

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