How to remove pesky nettles

Posted on May 25, 2020 at 7:01 pm

Stinging nettles are a tall growing weed which many gardeners are not fond of. Their tiny hairs can give quite a nasty sting which can quite a while. Although they are a difficult weed to remove there are a few ways to do the job.

Dig them up – this is by far the most effective method of removing them for good but will require some effort. You should always try and cut them back before they have had a chance to flower and set seed. Wear a good strong pair of gloves and make sure all of your arms and legs are covered by clothing to avoid nasty stings, you will need to dig up the whole root to try and prevent them from returning.

if you have struggles digging them up or aren’t capable of doing so you can choose to use a weed killer. You will need a strong weed killer which contains glyphosate – but be careful not only will this weed killer destroy your nettles it will also kill any other plant it comes into contact with. Make sure you protect any surrounding plants with plastic sheets.

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