Wooden Pergolas for Gardens

Posted on February 28, 2020 at 8:40 pm

Pergolas are wooden structures that are placed in gardens, often domestic ones that can benefit from better shelter, or some form of key integral design features. Pergolas are quite traditional in their appearance, providing a traditional type of shelter that’s preferential for some than modern options such as awnings or verandas. Pergolas can be purely decorative, or they can give you a space to sit inside under the shelter of a wooden ceiling.

Sometimes, pergolas can be built from scratch. It’s perfectly possible to do it this way, but it will be more tricky and might require various types of timber that is custom milled to size. Pergolas kits are another option, which will come pre packaged with all the types of wood that is needed to build the structure. Fixtures and fittings will also be included, so you know that you have everything from the start and will be able to complete the construction more easily.

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