Can you plant cut flowers?

Posted on July 19, 2020 at 7:43 pm

Have you ever received a lovely bunch of flowers that you would love to keep for longer? You may be wondering if you can plant cut flowers and if they will grow roots. The good news is that you can generally plant most cut flowers. With some TLC and the right nutrients, they should grow roots.

To start you will need to act whilst the bouquet is still fresh. You will need a piece of the stem that contains two or three sets of leaf nodes, remove any flowers or leaves on the bottom nodes.

Dip the bottom of the stem in hormone powder which you can purchase from most garden centres. You will now need to plant your stem into a soilless mix such as half sand and half moss. You cannot plant into regular soil.

Place into a plastic bag and inflate slightly by blowing into it and tying with an elastic band, this will keep it moist until it has roots. Place in a warm location but not in direct sunlight and patiently wait for your stem to grow roots.

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