How to naturally keep slugs and snails away

Posted on April 30, 2020 at 8:29 am

Some gardeners get so frustrated with slugs and snails that they decide to buy high strength products in attempt to deter them. These products can be harmful for your plants as well as other insects and animals. There are lots of natural ways that you can try to keep slugs and snails at bay.

• Remove them by hand – although time consuming this is an effective method, just pick them up and move them at least 20 feet away from your plants.

• Add a layer of gravel or bark to beds – its more difficult for slugs and snails to slide on these surfaces. They also struggle to get around on dry hard soil, so you could also water plants in the morning, meaning it should be dry by the evening.

• Copper tape – when snails touch copper, their slime reacts in a way that they receive an uncomfortable but not deadly electrical shock.

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