Dusty flower choices for your home

Posted on June 15, 2020 at 11:22 am

2020 has been the year for nude and dusty colours so far and it isn’t looking like this trend will be disappearing any time soon. So, what type of flowers can you place in your home to match your homes neutral interior.

If you are looking for pale pinks or light purples such as lilac then dusty pink roses, soft pink gerberas, or lavender tulips are great choices for you. These colours will look amazing paired with white or creamy flowers.

If you are looking for peachy or rusty shades of orange then Narcissi Vanilla Peach, or Dianthus Peach Party flowers will be a great option for you and a lovely addition to your home’s interior.
White and creamy flowers are the perfect addition to any home and in keeping with pretty much any interior colour scheme, opt for cream or white roses or orchids.

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