Rose Colour and it Meaning

Posted on May 7, 2021 at 2:23 pm

Often when choosing a bouquet for either a special event or a special person, people stop to consider what the meaning is behind that particular flower or colour. With roses being one of the most popular flowers to use, here is how to know what each colour means:

Red- the most commonly used rose, is widely known to stand for love and beauty

Pink- are typically used to show admiration and appreciation

White- stands for innocence, new beginnings and purity

Yellow- is most often used to symbolize friendship

Lavender- stands for love at first sight

Orange- is representative of passion, desire or enthusiasm

There are of course, many other variations and there are also roses that are dyed different colours and they have their own meanings but these six are the most common. You can also use a mixture of the different coloured roses to symbolise more than one feeling. Roses are a great way to make someone feel loved and appreciated.

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