Ten Lovely Winter Bloomers

Posted on December 12, 2020 at 9:42 pm

UK winters can get very wet and dreary so it can help to have some plants that offer some lovely winter colour to brighten your days.

10 Winter Blooming Plants

1. Winter Aconites- lovely low-growth plant with small yellow flowers
2. Cyclamen- also low-growing with either pink, red and white flowers from late autumn to spring
3. Heather- ground plant that adds texture with either pink, purple or white flowers
4. Japanese Quince- woody shrub also called Chaenomeles and blooms in winter or early spring
5. Viburnum- common winter favourite with pink flowers and strongly scented
6. Helleborus- mid-winter bloomer with green, dark red or white flowers
7. Pansies- lovely inexpensive option that thrives in window boxes and pots
8. Winter-Flowering Cherry- small tree with pale pink flowers that bloom throughout winter months
9. Snowdrops- typically the first flowers to bloom after New Years and a firm favourite
10. Witch Hazel- eye catching flowers typically with a red, yellow or even copper colour

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